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By supporting Genius Loci, you take part in the preservation of architectural heritage and the promotion of contemporary creation. Your contribution helps increase public awareness of architectural history as well as contemporary art and design.

Join us in a program of original, unique experiences backed by an approach that favors greater sustainability, outreach and sharing.

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Are you passionate about contemporary art, architecture and design? Do you love discovering little-known architectural treasures, meeting up-and-coming artists and staying in close touch with the contemporary creative scene?

Join our community and take part in a program of exclusive experiences all year long, in France and other countries.

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If you represent a company and would like to support Genius Loci as a patron, please contact our fundraising manager Lison d’Houwt.

Donations from businesses qualify for a tax reduction equal to 60%, not to exceed 0.5% of their total turnover (Article 238bis of the French General Tax Code). Donors must have tax residency in France.

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Are you an aficionado of historic architecture, with a keen interest in contemporary art and design?

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Genius Loci

Genius Loci Board
Marion Vignal, president
Bénédicte Hurel, secretary
Bianca D’Ippolito, associate secretary
Malachi O’Rourke, treasurer

Genius Loci is a non-profit organization registered in France under the number W751261664

Genius Loci
11 bis rue de Beaujolais
Les Jardins du Palais Royal
75001 Paris